Official ceremony of the grant certificate hand-over of the second Hungarian donation


Hungary was the first country who participated in this vital program in the year 2011 with an amount of 100,000 Euro, where the said fund has encouraged many other Countries, Organizations, Churches and even individuals to participate as well. This fact enabled the Presidential Committee to continue smoothly with other priority restoration tasks until present and reached an advanced stage of progress with about 75% completion of the whole restoration program.

On February 12, 2018, within an official ceremony, the Hungarian representative in Palestine Dr. Rada Csaba handed the Presidential Committee Chairperson a Grant Certificate of the second Hungarian donation with an amount of 100,000 Euro. Mayor of Bethlehem city Adv. Anton Salaman who is also Presidential Committee member attended this event beside the attendance of Mrs Claudette Habesch.

The second Hungarian fund will cover part of the ongoing restoration works related to the Basilica stone columns and the related paintings.


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