Phase IV



The Presidential Committee had authorized the restoration of one sample columns at lateral nave north. The restoration includes the cleaning and consolidation of the capitals, shaft and the bases, which consists the removing of the coherent and incoherent deposits, consolidation of the exiting cracks and holes, and also the cleaning and retouching of the existing paintings. The restoration of the first column was completed in October 2016. However, the Presidential Committee had organized a campaign called “Adopt a Column” to attract more donors especially from small business companies or families in order to complete the restoration of the whole 50 columns along with the saints’ paintings on 32 of these columns. According to the available funding, the committee has authorized the restoration of all the columns at the Central Nave which is 20 columns with paints.


The main objective for the installation of the electrical systems (Smoke detection and the lighting systems) is to protect the Church from any fire hazard, safe movements for the pilgrims and visitors and to highlight the important art elements inside the Church. This element was not included in the final study, as hence, the Presidential Committee and in its pursuit of obtaining the best concepts in such a grand monument, had hired International specialists in this field who prepared a conceptual design which have been strictly correlated to the historical and environmental conditions of the Church.
The majority of installation the system has been completed, and the final handover for the system is expected to be in the end of November, 2017.