Project Contributors

The Presidential Committee and People of Palestine are grateful for the Generous donations received from 

all over the world towards the fulfillment of the restoration program goals and would like to recognize the vital role played by these donations to kick off the start of the work and the crucial progress achieved so far. The list below recognizes the program contributors up to date, placed in respective order of the date receiving their fund.

List of contributors sorted in respective order of the committed contribution date:

1. The State of Palestine

11 .Republic of Greece

21. Republic of Poland

2. Republic of Hungary

12. Mr. Alberto Kassis - Chile

22. Paltel Group - Palestine

3. Mr. Saeed Tawfiq Khoury-CCC

13. Mr. Jose’ Said - Chile

23. Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency – TIKA

4. Palestine Investment Bank

14. Russian Orthodox Patriarchate

24. Arab Fund for Economic and
Social development

5. Republic of France

15. Kingdom of Spain

25. Belgium

6. Russian Federation

16. Pontifical Mission

26. Chile

7. The Holy See- Vatican

17. Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate

27. Cologne City - Germany

8. Palestinian Investment Fund

18. Republic of Italy

28. Mr. Ibrahim Shukri Dabdoub  

9. Palestinian Commercial Bank

19. Federal Republic of Germany

29. Mrs. Hilda Bandak Dabdoub  

10. Bank of Palestine

20. Kingdom of Morocco

30. Mrs. Tamara Ibrahim Dabdoub


All project contracts and disbursement of fund are audited by Deloitte & Touche.

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