PHASE I (Roof and Windows)

The roof and its wooden structures were for centuries in precarious conditions and in dire need for conservation. It was urgent to guarantee the stability of the roof and to prevent further damages to wall mosaics and plasters, caused by years of rainwater infiltration. This was the first task to be tackled. This phase started in Sept. 2103 and included also the restoration of the upper wooden windows and the roof rain water drain network.

A detailed survey was conducted for the roof structural elements including trusses, purlins, boards..Etc. to assess the level of damage/decay and the required level of intervention which included, maintenance, consolidation and in some cases replacement of some severely damaged parts. The structural intervention included also some seismic improvement measures, such as increasing the in-plane stiffness of the roof and improving the connection between the trusses and the masonry walls.

The new roof system was also designed and constructed to guarantee an effective internal ventilation and a durable waterproofing protection. The new installed windows will provide both waterproof efficiency and UV transparency to properly protect the mosaics and trusses. Moreover a lifeline system was introduced to provide safe access to the roof for the Church maintenance staff. The work phase was completed in March 2015.