Basilica Doors

Narthex eastern wooden door

The restoration works for the narthex eastern wooden door started in June 2014 by performing high-resolution digital photographic documentation and diagnostic research and followed with careful consolidation and a treatment process carried out by wood restoration specialists.

During the works, a major finding was made as the original upper part of the door on the eastern surface (the surface that can be seen from inside) was found hidden under newly installed wooden boards. On the western surface the restoration allows to fully appreciate the beauty of the original marquetry. The work was completed in December, 2014 after which visitors and pilgrims can admire the door in its original form.


Iron and Iron-wooden Doors of the Basilica and Narthex

The works included the restoration of the humility iron door; narthex southern iron door; lateral nave northern iron-wooden door; lateral nave southern iron door and lateral nave north iron window. The surfaces showed in many cases erosions and exfoliations due to the oxidation of the iron and degradation of the wooden elements of the lateral nave northern door. The restoration process included accurate photographic documentation, before, during and after restoration, tests execution for the various phases of the operation, stratigraphic tests for identification of the finishing coats sequence of the varnishes, mechanical removal of incoherent deposits, chemical removal of superficial coherent deposits, treatment aimed to stop the oxidation and to protect metallic surfaces, visual and aesthetic interference reduction of the surfaces and protective surface treatment as final operation of the restoration. The works had been completed in April, 2015.