Wooden Architraves

Trabeation is located above the capitals of the columns and under the walls separating the two aisles, both on the North and South side and along the whole aisles, and also at the walls separating the Transept and the Apse from the two Corners, both on the North and South side. Considering their position, such architraves play an important structural role, because of the role it plays in tightening the above masonry arches as well as the below stone columns. They also have a great value because of the inlaid works still visible nowadays. Sophisticated analyses prove that they date back to the VI century. The diagnostic survey done in December, 2015 confirmed and evidenced three decay problems in the architraves: one located in the North side and the other two in the South side. The restoration works included replacement of the deteriorated inner wooden beams at the three said architraves, removal of the coherent and incoherent deposits, filling of the lacunas, protecting and retouching the surfaces for all the Architraves. These works were completed in October, 2016.