Stone wall

The top priority was given to the restoration of the stone facades at the two corners and the lateral naves so as to avoid any damage to the lead roofing under construction. The restoration work included cleaning works, the replacement of sealing cement with lime and also the replacement of some severely eroded and deteriorated stone pieces. This work was completed in October, 2014; while the rest of the stone facades restoration works had been put in pending in order to employ the available funds at that time to execute other priority tasks inside the Basilica.

However, since September, 2016, the Presidential Committee resumed the restoration works of the stone facades and the priority was given to the main Church Façade (the western façade) which was completed in January, 2017. The Northern façade was also completed by the end of March 2017 and the Eastern in July 2017. Currently the Southern façade is under restoration and expected to be completed by the mid of November, 2017; after which the Basilica all stone facades will be restored.