Restoration program achievements until December, 2017

List of Restoration program achievements

  1. The roof works:
  2. The whole roof was covered with new lead sheets with a total area of 1625m2.
  3. Less than 8% of the wood trusses have been replaced with ancient wood brought from Italy.
  4. The seismic performance of the basilica had been improved by adding seismic steel connectors.
    1. Wooden windows:

  All Church’s 42 deteriorated wooden windows were replaced with new wooden windows with UV double glass.

  1. Narthex works:
  2. The three damaged cross vaults of the Narthex area were restored and consolidated and a new steel structure was installed to bear the new roof floor and to connect the opposite facades (The Basilica & the Narthex facades)
  3. By the completion of the consolidation of the Narthex cross vaults, it was able to remove the huge wooden propping placed inside the Narthex since 1930s duration the British mandate.
    1. The Narthex eastern door and the Basilica metal doors:
      1. The carved Narthex eastern wooden door has been renovated and consolidated.
      2. The metal doors of the basilica have been restored including the main church access door “The door of Humility”, and the three doors leading to the three convents.
  4. The consolidation of the internal plastering:

3365m2 of the internal plastering have been consolidated including the replacement of the cement patches the extremely deteriorated patches with a compatible lime plastering layers.

  1. Wall mosaics:

The whole wall mosaic with a total area of 125m2 was renovated including consolidation and cleaning works. (92m2 at the central nave & 33m2 at the transepts and apse).

  1. The external stone facades:

The total area is 3076m2

  1. 928 m2 already renovated (about 30%) Urgent areas.
  2. 595 m2 already renovated related to the front façade “western elevation”
  3. 440 m2 already renovated at the Northern facade
  4. 521 m2 already renovated at the Eastern façade.
  5. 592 m2 already renovated at the Western façade.
  6. Wooden Architrave over the stone capitals:

52 segments of the wooden architraves with a total length of 154m were renovated. The works include the replacement of the most deteriorated inner parts and the consolidation of all decorative outer surfaces.

  1. Stone columns and the paints on columns (on going):
    1. The Church consists of 50 stone columns, 32 of which have paints representing .
    2. The restoration of the twenty columns along with their paintings of the central nave is under restoration and expected to be completed by the end of March 2018.
  2.   Electrical works:

The electrical works include the installation of the smoke detection and the lighting systems were completed by the mid of December, 2017.

  1.  Floor Mosaic:

A part of the exposed floor mosaic Central Nave near the bema and a part at the North Transept near the stairs lead to the Bema will be restored as a sample; in addition more surrounded hidden mosaic around the said locations will be exposed and restored as well. The work is expected to commence by mid of January, 2018.